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    Addressify is a cloud based API that allows website, online form, mobile app, CRM system, ERP system, POS system, checkout system and desktop application developers to easily implement address verification, validation, checking, geocoding, parsing and autocomplete for Australia in their apps and online forms.

Australia address validation & Australia address verification made easy

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    Address Verification, Address Validation, Address Checking

    Australian address validation, address verification and address checking. Verify an address and ensure it is a valid Australian address including unit number, level number and street number. It can also verify addresses from an alias or vanity address or correct incomplete or innaccurate addresses due to spelling mistakes or other errors in the address like an incorrect postcode.

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    Address Parsing, Address splitting

    Easily split free form addresses into separate address fields eg. building name, unit number, level number, street number, street name, street type, suburb, state and postcode etc. regardless of whether autocomplete is used or the address format.

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    Address Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding and Demographics

    Assign a latitude and longitude to an address (or vice versa) as well as a meshblock for integration with ABS sociodemographic data instantly at the point of entry or later.

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    Address Autocomplete, Address Finder, Address Suggestions

    Improves the customer experience by providing your users with an Australia address autocomplete picklist that returns accurate and intuitive address suggestions quickly ensuring data quality that can integrate into practically any front end.

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    Fast, Reliable and Cloud Hosted

    Hosted in multiple Australian Microsoft data centres, with geo-redundancy, the best way to ensure uptime even when a server goes offline.

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    Regularly Updated from Government Address Data

    Address data is updated on a quarterly basis from the official PSMA G-NAF dataset provided by the Australian government ensuring you have access to up to date addresses for address verification. For more information see our FAQ.

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Addressify is what is commonly known as an 'address validation API' or 'address verification API'. It is one of the best solutions to help you acquire accurate address data in real time, ensuring you improve customer service. Customer address data, one of the most crucial elements of personal information provided by customers, is often entered in an incorrect format by customers or staff. Addressify compares these addresses to our authoritative address database of Australian addresses through an address validation process minimising incorrect address entry and ensuring quality data while maintaining your conversion rates by providing the best customer experience.

Access to our address verification API gives your business the solutions it needs to properly validate and manage address data and the ability to integrate this functionality into any number of your systems while keeping costs low. It can also automatically correct common mistakes made when a person enters an address ensuring it is valid, complete and in an appropriate address format.

In the end, the decision to integrate the Addressify service into your systems will give you access to accurate, valid and complete addresses in a format that your delivery service or address database can understand. Accuracy in address data, particularly if the address belongs to a customer, is crucial, which is why an address verification solution is so important to the integrity of your data, yet it is often overlooked. With Addressify you can rest assured that you have one of the best solutions available for address verification.

We can also verify existing databases of addresses or flat file address data that is not correct or accurate by batch processing addresses, that might otherwise not be recognised by couriers or delivery services like Australia Post due to these errors in the addresses in your database, ultimately inconveniencing your customer.

See our FAQ for further information.

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